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    'If you look very, very closely,

    everything becomes interesting.'


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  • Cases

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    How to Create Better Ideas - Book about the design process and ideation. 2020.

    Being the author and designer of this book it is based on 30 years in the design profession and gives insight into the design process and how to create better ideas.

    The book divides into two sections: the right and left brain. The left brain analyses the general design process. The second part, the right brain, introduces six self-developed methods that teach young and experienced designers to create more and better visual ideas relevant to all design disciplines.
    It is a book for anyone who would like to learn and understand design more in-depth. For anyone who wants to know the answers to these questions: what is design, what is creativity, what mentality and conditions are needed to guarantee a productive design process? For young designers and educators and design professionals that want to boost their ability to create visual ideas.

    Buy the book online


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    Dutch national police force - Logo & visual identity design. 1992.

    The visual identity developed for the Dutch police force merges the spirit of two previously autonomous police organisations - namely, the state and municipal corps in a single logo. The flame symbol can be seen as a beacon, a protective flame. This is combined with a law book-like form and the word 'politie'.

    The additional orange and blue striping system applied on all cars, boats, and helicopters optimise visibility and safety at day and night time. The clients were the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The police identity won several design awards. In 2006 the Dutch police striping was selected by public vote as one of the 25 Dutch Design icons of the last 100 years. As a senior designer with Gert Dumbar at Studio Dumbar.


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    Swimming with sharks - The graphic novel. 2018 - Gold at Muse Creative Awards 2018, New York

    A compact and visual version of the book 'Swimming with sharks’ by Joris Luyendijk, Dutch anthropologist and journalist for The Guardian newspaper. He spoke with 200 London bankers to find out how they operate and what drove the financial crisis in 2008. Ten years after little has changed to avoid a possible new crisis. The solution starts with understanding the problem. Free PDF download.


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    Juzix - Naming, logo & visual identity design. 2017.

    Juzix is a Chinese blockchain specialist, operating in the fields of finance, technology, and other secure digital value transactions. The name Juzix combines the first part of the Chinese name Juzhen meaning ‘Matrix’ and the last part of its meaning in English. The symbol visualises a network of progressively growing interactions.

    SparkyTiger developed the international name and designed the logo and visual brand for Juzix. In collaboration with Think Pro, Shanghai.


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    Lowlands & Partners - Logo & visual identity design. 2016.

    Lowlands & Partners is specialised in family wealth management with an exclusive and personal touch. They work with the best and premium partners around the globe. Legacy planning, asset management, and lifestyle solutions. The founding partners of the company are European and Chinese. Their clients' Chinese entrepreneurs looking for residence overseas with their family, businessmen wishing to diversify their assets to create an international portfolio. Also, families wanting to protect their wealth for the next generation or who want to sent there children to the most prestigious boarding schools in Switzerland.

    SparkyTiger designed the logo and visual brand for Lowlands & Partners. In collaboration with BSUR and WDK in Shanghai who are responsible for the naming and strategic positioning. As creative director of SparkyTiger.


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    Dutch Culture Centre - Logo & visual identity design. 2010.

    The Dutch Culture Centre was an initiative of the Netherlands China Arts Foundation. It offered a diverse cultural program in downtown Shanghai alongside ‘Happy street’, the Dutch pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The program lasted for six months and was predominately focused on a Chinese audience.
    The logo for the DCC shows the silhouette of the Culture Centre in white against colourful flowers, referring to the tulip as a typical Dutch icon and the magnolia, the symbol of the city of Shanghai. The communication was bilingual, both in Chinese and English. The festive style was applied to various graphic items and a website. As a creative director with Rosanne Wong and the team of Studio Dumbar China.


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    Hewlett Packard campaign - Airports Milan and Rome. 2006.

    For the Hewlett Packard headquarters in San Francisco the HP campaign was developed for the Italian airports of Milan Linate and Rome. 'Change + HP' was the all-over theme of this corporate campaign. The arrow-like shapes were the visuals. More than 1000 graphics were applied in all public spaces; on walls, check-in counters, tables and escalators, elevators, and pillars. In collaboration with Goodby Silverstein and Partners. As designer and co-founder with the team of NLXL.

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    Alphasense - Logo and visual identity design. 2016.

    Alphasense, an innovative consumer product, is a responsive headband combining neuroscience technologies with eastern spirituality. The headband gives personalised feedback to the user to improve and deepen yoga meditation. It helps to solve sleeping problems and releases stress. Alphasense is developed in collaboration with the Harvard Center for Dynamic Biomarkers, will have its launch in the US and be available it the rest of the world after.

  • Clients


    • Nike Europe & Nike Greater China

    • Hewlett Packard, San Francisco

    • Schiphol Group, Amsterdam

    • Pernod Ricard Asia



    • Dutch national police force

    • Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management

    • Dutch national customs

    • Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Beijing



    • SIVA - DeTao, Shanghai

    • The University of Hong Kong

    • University of Utrecht

    • Royal College of Art, Music and Dance, The Hague

    • Health[e]Foundation - Training for HIV-Aids treatment, Amsterdam



    • The Guardian newspapers, London

    • ThiemeMeulenhoff publishers, Utrecht

    • NRC newspapers, Amsterdam



    • ANWB - Dutch national motoring association, The Hague

    • Gak Group - Dutch national social insurances, Amsterdam



    • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

    • Africa Museum, Berg en Dal

    • Freedom Festival, The Hague

    • Dutch Culture Centre - World Expo 2010, Shanghai

    • JZ Music Festival, Shanghai


    Worked for agencies

    • Smidswater creative agency, the Hague

    • Studio Dumbar, the Hague

    • Fitch - Brand & retail consultancy, London

    • Why Not Associates, London

    • Finlayson Design, London

    • Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

    • Duval Guillaume corporate, Antwerp

    • Studio Dumbar China, Shanghai

    • IDEO, Shanghai

    • Silo Creative Agency, the Hague


    And many others ...


  • Sharing

    Design teaching

    • ArtEZ Institute of the Arts - Zwolle, the Netherlands - Jan. 2020 - 2024

    • Branding & identity design at SIVA-DeTao - Shanghai - Sept. 2014 - Jan. 2019

    • The Royal Academy of Art - The Hague - Sept., Oct., Nov. 2008

    • Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost - Breda - Sept., Oct., Nov. 2004

    • Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost - Breda - Oct., Nov., Dec. 2003



    • St. Joost School of Art & Design - Breda, the Netherlands - Jan 2023

    • St. Joost School of Art & Design - Breda, the Netherlands - March 2022

    • Yale Center Beijing - P.R. China - Nov. 2018

    • Wuhan Institute of Design and Science - Shanghai - P.R. China - July. 2018

    • Shanghai Business School - Shanghai - P.R. China - Dec. 2017
    • Intangible Cultural Heritage - SIVA-DeTao - Shanghai - P.R. China - Nov. 2017

    • International Communication University China - Beijing, P.R. China - Mar. & June 2016

    • Studio Wynants at SIVA-DeTao - Shanghai - P.R. China - May 2015

    • Tsinghua University - Beijing, P.R. China - Nov. 2013

    • University at Buffalo, Design Centre - Buffalo, USA - July 2008

    • Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts - Vilnius, Lithuania - May 2008

    • The Royal Academy of Art - The Hague, Netherlands - May 2007

    • KHIO - Oslo National Academy of the Arts - Oslo, Norway - Apr. 2006

    • KHIO - Oslo National Academy of the Arts - Oslo, Norway - Mar. 2003


    • LCC - London College of Communication - MA Design Management - Apr. 2023

    • St. Joost School of Art & Design - Breda, the Netherlands - Nov. 2022 (online)

    • Hong Kong Polytechnic University - School of Design - Hong Kong &

    Hongik University - College of Fine Arts - Seoul, South Korea - Mar. 2022 (online)

    • St. Joost School of Art & Design - Breda, the Netherlands - Nov. 2021 (online)

    • St. Joost School of Art & Design - Breda, the Netherlands - Mar. 2021 (online)

    • LCC - London College of Communication - MA Design Management - May 2020 (online)

    • Hong Kong Poly-U - School of Design - Hong Kong - Apr. 2020 (online)

    • Artevelde - Design Bootcamp - Gent, Belgium - Feb. 2020

    • DTMA-SIVA - Studium generale - Shanghai, P.R. China - Dec. 2018

    • Academy of International Visual Arts - Shanghai, P.R. China - Oct. 2018
    • DTMA - Design research - Shanghai, P.R. China - Oct. 2018

    • Best Dutch books designs - Qingdao, P.R. China - Aug. 2018
    • Ocean University China - Qingdao, P.R. China - Aug. 2018

    • Royal Academy of Art - The Hague, Netherlands - Feb. 2016

    • Willem de Kooning Academy - Rotterdam, Netherlands - Jan. 2016

    • Opening Netherlands consulate - Chongqing, P.R. China - Dec. 2014

    • Donghua University - Shanghai, P.R. China - Oct. 2014

    • Rockbund Art Museum - My Design Life - Shanghai, P.R. China - May 10, 2014

    • China Art Museum - Shanghai, P.R. China - Mar. 2014

    • Today Art Museum - Beijing, P.R. China - Nov. 2013

    • Shanghai Design week - Shanghai, P.R. China - Sept. 2013

    • Raffles Design Institute - Shanghai, P.R. China - Aug. 2013

    • Dutch Design Workspace - Shanghai, P.R. China - May 13, 2013

    • L 'Ecole de Design, Nantes Atlantique - Shanghai, P.R. China - Oct. 2012

    • Donghua University - Shanghai, P.R. China - July 20, 2012

    • Pecha Kucha night - Shanghai, P.R. China - Apr. 2012

    • Bee or Wasp - Shanghai, P.R. China - Mar. 2011

    • Raffles Design Institute - Shanghai, P.R. China - Nov. 2010

    • Suzhou International Poster Summit - Suzhou, P.R. China - Oct. 2010

    • Seoul Design Fair - Seoul, South Korea - Sept. 2010

    • IDEO - Shanghai, P.R. China - Sept. 2010

    • Hong Kong Heritage Museum - Hong Kong - Apr. 2010

    • Jiangnan University, School of Design - Wuxi, P.R. China - Mar. 2010

    • DDD - Vilnius, Lithuania - Oct. 2008

    • Typecon - Buffalo, USA - July 18, 2008

    • Oslo National Academy of the Arts - Oslo, Norway - Nov. 2006

    • Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost - Breda, Netherlands - Mar. 2005


  • About the Tiger

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    Creating visual brands

    SparkyTiger is a twinkling and independent design studio. Our expertise is creating visual brands to make organizations, products, and services stand out and become memorable. From scratch for start-ups, adapting them in the process of change or preparing to go international. The studio is founded by Joost Roozekrans, a Dutch designer and creative director and Liza Lin a designer from China.


    Network of specialists

    SparkyTiger collaborates with an extensive network of specialists from Europe, China and around the world. Depending on the scope of the project and expertise needed we create the team required. SparkyTiger works for businesses, governments, educational institutions, media companies, services, and cultural organizations. Variety is good for creativity.


    Joost Roozekrans - founder & creative director

    Joost is working 30 years in the design profession. He was living in Shanghai from 2009 till 2019, where he was working for four years as the creative director of Studio Dumbar China before starting SparkyTiger. Next to this Joost was part-time university lecturer branding & identity design in Shanghai.

    Before moving to China he was co-founder, partner, and designer of NLXL (2001 - 2008), a design studio for visual communication and interaction design and creative team leader at Studio Dumbar in the Netherlands. He lived in London for two years working both as a freelance designer and as the senior designer at 'The Guardian', responsible for the design of the online newspaper. In 1992 his first project at Studio Dumbar was designing the visual identity for the Dutch national police force.


    Liza Lin - founder & designer

    Liza is from Shanghai. She has been working as a designer for 20 years. Liza was trained as an interior designer and working for about eight years for international interior design firms in Shanghai then changed over to graphic design working freelance and for the hospitality industry. She is involved as a designer and responsible for the operations and project management of the studio.

  • Touch the Tiger

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    Joost Roozekrans
    Founder / Creative director
    (English and Dutch speaking)
    joost [at] sparkytiger [dot] com


    Liza Lin
    Founder / Senior designer
    (English and Chinese speaking)
    lizastyleliza [at] 163 [dot] com



  • Blog

    31 décembre 2017
    A compact graphic novel based on the book 'Swimming with sharks’ by Joris Luyendijk, journalist for The Guardian on the 2008 financial crises. 10 years after little has changed to avoid a possible new crisis. The solution starts with us understanding the problem. Care and share! Free English...
    This digital publication is a rare hybrid. It’s like Czech and Chinese cuisine combined on a single plate. An artistic visual story mixed with an analytical essay about value creation. On the photographic spreads, images are associatively placed next to each other. On the right page the sentence...
    I have been in the design profession for 30 years, working mostly on developing visual brands for organizations, services and products. And that is what I still enjoy doing a lot. Before moving to China in 2009 I was teaching occasionally and giving design workshops in Europe and the US. Since...