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Book: China’s disruptors

I have been reading this very insight full book on how upcoming privately owned companies and entrepreneurs are changing the economy and the society in China and the world by Edward Tse, the former boss of the Boston Consulting Group - China. Based on his personal and business relationships with many Chinese change makers Tse gives an insight in the development of privately owned companies since Deng Xiaoping unlocked the countries economy. How entrepreneurs deal with the sometimes strict and changing rules set by the government, who they pioneer with undefined conditions, deal with China's large scale and demonstrate an enormous flexibility to keep up with fast pace of changes in this rapidly growing economy. If you want to understand China better a must read!

Title: ‘China’s disruptors - How Alibaba Xiaomi, Tencent, and other companies are changing the rules of business’ Author: Edward Tse. Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group.

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